Easy-to-Use Gamified VR Training for 
Power Wheelchairs

A Better Training Solution

MARS VR XPod is a gamified power
wheelchair training system that uses
Virtual Reality to eliminate many of the
barriers to mobility training for both the
patient and care provider. XPod uses a
reward system to drive engagement and
motivate participation through fun.

Remove the Barriers to Mobility Training

Rewards System Motivates & Improves

Gamified system of rewards improves continuity and completion of therapy

Minimal Physical Footprint

Requires small 10’ x 10’ space for set up and operation

Seamless Support & Maintenance

9-to-5 customer service and background software and firmware updates

Turn Key Setup & Development

Dedicated team for on-site installation and training with intuitive user experience

Accurate Feel & Function

Designed to safely reproduce the experience of a real power wheelchair

Safe Virtual Environment

Completely eliminates the potential risk and anxiety from physical harm

MARS VR Lab uses a play-based approach
to rehabilitation using VR gaming that
removes the anxiety from risk of physical
injury associated with traditional powered
wheelchair learning methods. Fun
characters in a welcoming environment
slowly introduce new challenges that spark
wonder and foster a sense of achievement,
helping to unlock the hero that lives inside
every child.

Would you like to know more about how you can bring a MARS VR Lab to your organization? Contact us to discuss the benefits and opportunities of play-based therapy.