MARS VR Lab uses VR gaming to help accelerate and motivate therapeutic progress. Play-based reward systems make learning fun while increasing effectiveness and removing anxiety due to physical risk.

Better, Safer Therapy

Safe VR Environment

VR worlds eliminate the danger of physical harm

Improved Therapeutic Effectiveness

Reward-based experiences increase learning and motivation to improve

Increased Motivation to Learn

Gamification keeps children engaged and eager to continue therapy

Immersive Play-based Therapy

Training and therapeutic systems designed to make learning new skills effortless

Actionable Analytics & Metrics

Providing the team with data that accelerates real world learning

Through Play

XPod offers a colourful world to explore on wheels. Navigate through indoor and outdoor settings, around corners, through doors and over ramps and curbs. Children build confidence in driving.

The HTC Vive VR system is the current basis for our platform. We constantly evaluate new VR technologies, looking for the best new innovations we can leverage. We are also continually iterating our patented special-purpose elements, like the VR power wheelchair joystick that lets us accurately emulate the real world.